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Discuss the decision to go to medical school and the application process


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Discuss the decision to attend graduate school and the application process

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Discuss the decision to go to into the workfield and gain insight about interview skills and resume building

The industry panel will consist of two professionals: Mimi Ilieva, a Senior Technical Recruiter from Robert Half, and Ami VandeVelde, a Recruiting Manager at Mindfinders, Inc. The session will be held for one hour total, with the first 15-20 minutes being devoted to introductions from each panel member.

The next 30 minutes will consist of a guided discussion, in which a moderator will prompt students with the common interview questions. The students will be expected to respond as if they were in an interview setting. Panel members will then critique and comment on student responses, providing constructive criticism for how to interview successfully.

To conclude, any remaining time will be allotted to a Q&A session in which students will be able to seek advice and career tips from two professional recruiters.