The Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Research Conference (MAURC) serves as an opportunity for undergraduates and professionals to share their passion for research. We believe in encouraging the collaboration of knowledge in order to facilitate advancement within areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


A light breakfast and lunch will be available during registration both Saturday and Sunday during the MAURC conference. There will be also coffee break offered on Saturday.

You will be given the opportunity to note dietary restrictions on the Registration page.

Oral Presentation Overview

Generally, most presentations will be approximately 10 minutes in length.  After your presentation there may be questions for 2-3 minutes.

Presentations should be tailored to an educated, non-field expert audience.

Your presentation should be given individually and not as a group.  If you would like to have a group presentation, please contact srccvirginiatech@gmail.com


Poster Presentation Overview

All presentations will be in poster format, with the exception of those selected to give oral presentations.

Posters should be 32” x 40” in size (either orientation accepted). Standing display boards and mounting tacks will be provided at the conference.

You should plan to arrive at your assigned presentation session AT LEAST 15 minutes before it starts in order to hang up your poster. At the end of your session, you will remove your poster. You will remain with your poster for the duration of your session.

All posters should have a professional appearance and should include color, graphics, photographs, and/or other visually stimulating aids. Minimize text. Try to use one line of text to highlight each major point. Use simple fonts that can be read easily and from a distance. Font size should be no less than 18 point. Posters should be readable from two or three feet away, so the larger the font, the better. Standard recommended sizes range from 24-60 point bold. Pay close attention to the organization of your poster.

Information should follow a logical order and should guide viewers through your research activity. Basic contents typically include: title; researcher’s name(s); university and major; thesis or hypothesis statement; purpose/significance of study; data collection method; analysis, and; if appropriate, results/findings.


Each classroom will have a PC computer and data projector.

Before your session you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the room in which you will be speaking.  As well, you can use the computer to ensure your PowerPoint presentation is viewable.

Although your PowerPoint presentations will be previously submitted via email or dropbox, we encourage you to bring a USB drive with your PowerPoint presentation as a back-up.